Pinterest - (great place to search for inspiration and collate ideas into boards)
Instagram - (where most creatives post their work and one of the best place to post your own)
Dribbble - (online collective of some of the best designers and illustrators on the web)
Ello - (relatively new compared to other platforms but their are some great artists on here)
Skillshare - (extensive amount of tutorials within a wide-range of mediums, lots of amazing teachers)
Attitude Creative - (one of my favourite teaching combos on Skillshare)
Andrzej Pach - (another Skillshare teacher who focuses on After Effects and PowerPoint tutorials)
Mt. Mograph - (After Effects teacher on YouTube, also provides an amazing AE plugin called Motion v2)
TipTut - (eloquent teacher of After Effects based on YouTube)
Eyedesyn - (specifically CINEMA 4D tutorials, but After Effects as well)
RookieUp - (online mentoring platform to help experience creatives connect with others and share knowledge)
How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie
Start with Why - by Simon Sinek
Product Hunt - (plethora of cool ideas and applications to use and explore)
The Design Files - (focuses on the design industry within Australia, great for inspiration and learning about creatives in our own backyard)
Medium - (collection of articles and posts from a wide range of people)
Objectified (2009)
Helvetica (2007)
TED - (watching one TED talk a day to expand the mind is a great way to progressively learn)
Adobe CC - (a must for any designer)
Spotify - (keep that motivation strong and compile/search for playlists to keep those juices flowing)
Chrome - (the go to browser, but it's a good idea to have most browsers installed for testing)
Typist - (free; typing tutor, which helps you in learning touch typing)
Screenflow - (paid; screen capturing software available for Mac)
Audacity - (free; for editing and recording audio clips for use within videos)
Pocket - (gives you the ability to collate blog posts and articles from the web to read later)
VLC - (to watch media clips, preferred personally over Quicktime and other media players)
Todoist - (tried many list applications, this is the one we love the most, available on Android, iOS, Mac, web and more)
f.lux - (great for when you're working late on a project, dims the screen and turns it yellow to ease the eye strain)
iStat Menus - (great to see how your Mac is handling workload, also displays bandwidth among many other insightful statistics about your computer)
Pocket Casts - (easily one of the best podcast apps available for mobile)
Coolors - (super fast and simple colour scheme generator) - (complex colour picker with loads of options and information)
Extensions (Chrome)
WhatFont - (tool that helps identify fonts within a web page)
Window Resizer - (resizes your browser window to specific resolutions)
Pocket - (add webpages to your Pocket account to read later)
Pinterest - (tool that scans page for all images accessible and allows you to save directly to your boards)
Firebug Lite - (used to inspect websites code, mainly used to learn how something has been done on a website)
Motion v2 - (paid; AE plugin with many applications and scope, check Mt. Mograph for examples)
Move Anchor Point - (free; simple AE plugin which aligns anchor point to middle of selection)
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